Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SMALL changes make a BIG difference

Make little changes everyday towards a healthier lifestyle

1. Start your day off with a healthy breakfast

2. Eat fruit or veggies with every meal

3. Plan your activities/ workouts - put it in your schedule. Pack your workout clothes and put in your car- go straight from work.

4. Pack your lunch or look up the menu/ nutrition before you go out to eat. If you know you are going to go to happy hour Friday, plan ahead and save your calories for a couple cocktails.

5. Write down what you eat.  Whether it is Weight Watchers or MyFitnessPal or just a pad of paper, you will eat less if you write down everything you eat and drink.
https://www.myfitnesspal.com/account/login (free food tracking website)

6. Watch empty calories and drink more water.  Try swapping soda for sparkling water or ordering a skinny latte instead of a venti caramel macchiato.

7. Watch your portion sizes- I purchased a food scale and if you just "eye it" on portions, you definitely eat more than you think you are.

8. Be more active without “working out”. 
- Park your car further away- don’t spot stalk
- Don’t ask your husband to take out the trash, walk the dog, bring the laundry upstairs, do it yourself.  Not only does it prevent an argument, but it will allow you to be more active
- Take the stairs instead of the elevator

These small things really can make a big difference!

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