Sunday, February 9, 2014

Herbal Life

I am ready to tackle a weight loss plan. Last year (2013) I tried herbal life and messed around with 2 shakes a day. They were fancy shakes: oreo, mint, cookie dough, you name anything chocolate I tried it! I did a shake for breakfast and for lunch it just got to time consuming for me and I did not do it on a regular basis. Now for 2014 I am ready to try it again with some simpler shakes: formula 1 mix, protein powder, and pb2. Maybe instead of water I will use my half coconut milk/ half almond milk to change the flavor. I will be doing the Ultimate weight management plan. Here is a picture of all the supplies: 


I am hoping that after doing this for 30 days maybe 60 if needed. On top of changing nutrition I will be adding more exercise hopefully 3x a week for 45 minutes this includes the elliptical, kettle bell, & swimming. My goal is to feel healthy on the inside and outside. 


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